Oliver KempkensDIGITAL PRACTICE / Executive Search and Assessment Consultant bei Russell Reynolds Associates
Oliver has deep roots in European entrepreneurship and a wide variety of business experience, ranging across many industries. More than a decade of leading organizational change in varied business and non-business environments has built up a wealth of hard-edged operational experience that Oliver now wields as Sr. Process Expert of SAP for the Strategy Team of SAP’s board member Bernd Leukert and CEO of ADAPT OR DIE™ Ventures.
A witness to the benefits of innovative business thinking, Oliver has spread the word as keynote speaker at top-flight events from his native Germany to Moscow, Zagreb, London and beyond. Listing wicked problems ‘design strategy and mediation as interests, his favourite Dickensian quote is: “Can I have some more?”
Domain expertise: Leading Organizational Change, Design Thinking, Intrapreneurship, Entrepreneurship, Conflict Management, Negotiation, End-2-End Product Development Global Entrepreneurship Week 2013 Minsk