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  • Aydın Abdullazade
    Aydın Abdullazade Community manager
  • Fidan Rustamli Program Manager
  • Gunel Gurbanova
    Gunel Gurbanova Intern
  • Ilgar Alirzayev
    Ilgar Alirzayev Community manager
  • Nail Vali Co-founder
  • Nazrin Guluzade
    Nazrin Guluzade Program manager
  • Tariyel Aghazada
    Tariyel Aghazada Project Manager
  • Vusal Karimli Managing director


Why SUP?


Our strength is our community. Sup is a connecting hub between startups, mentors and coaches and operating team. Our international network of founders, entrepreneurs, mentors and partners work together with startups to create a unique opportunity for our startups. We love to position ourselves as a melting pot, where fresh entrepreneurs come to us, melting along the way and magically transform into competitive global startups.


As a startup team, you'll get access to knowledgeable mentors, among which are successful entrepreneurs, experienced investors, industry experts. We provide access the right people in your industry to help your startup to grow, whether it is a finance, marketing, sales, UI/UX etc.

Brand & PR

Our local and international media connections help you to position your brand in the market. We feature your startup at different events, promote on social media. We also conduct your startup's media coverage. SUP Accelerator provide you with opportunity to present your startup at our events to the big group of business people.


For 4 month, you are provided with office space, which operates 24/7. You are lucky to work at such an atmosphere. Everyone offers help, advice, encouragement, and support to help others succeed.


Our connections helps you to deal with whatsoever problems you have. Wide range of companies, experts are in our network. We know everyone in startup community in this country and a lots of others abroad.


Being a SUP Accelerator company will validate your business, and our network will help you connect with investors when the time is right. Our Demo Day is also a great opportunity to meet and pitch to people who might give you money.

Workshops and events

Sup.AZ will be having online and offline workshops related to specific topics.


We have our local and international partners that will provide free and discounted tools and values for our startups.


What are we looking for?

Complete your application

At least one founder should be full-time available

At least one founder should have good English language skills

At least one founder should be technical. in the ideal case you have one business guy, one technical and one UX/UI designer.

Single founders are not preferred for this accelerator.

You need to have a working team and at least an Alpha-stage product.

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